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Themes by GhostSK187

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes)
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Name: Inspector Gadget Author: GhostSK187
This was originally a user request. This theme features dual backgorounds, splash screen of the gadget himself and open and close sounds are from the show.
Size: 1606 KB Date Added:
2007-01-20 14:05:08
Downloads: 1,760 Category:
Cartoons & Comics
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Name: Carmen Sandiego Author: GhostSK187
Pshhh, why do people think they can fuck with me in this graphic design shit??? Yea another creation by me, Ghost SK of none other than, Carmen Sandiego. Features dual backgrounds, splash screen is a miniature Carmen and open and close sounds are a clip from the old game it and move along. ***Note*** this theme originally features two diffent audio clips from carmen sandiego... some of my themes feature shortened clips or different versions as the ones i make for myself due to the file size allowed for upload on this site, if u would like the full version of one of my themes just contact me at
Size: 1484 KB Date Added:
2007-01-20 13:56:27
Downloads: 422 Category:
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Name: Shiella Author: GhostSK187
*User request* I hope you like it... this theme features dual backgrounds of "Shiella" and open and close sounds are 2 different parts from the Prince song, "Oh Shiela".. open is "oh shelia let me love you till the mornin comes" and close is, "oh sheila let me be the only one"
Size: 2058 KB Date Added:
2007-01-18 15:30:36
Downloads: 57 Category:
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Rating: 3.0/5 (3 votes)
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Name: Hanson Author: GhostSK187
Dont even ask, someone reminded me of that song "OoOmm Bop", so i had to make the theme, it has dual backgrounds and open and close sounds are the hook to the song
Size: 1805 KB Date Added:
2007-01-18 14:52:39
Downloads: 369 Category:
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Name: GSK 2 Author: GhostSK187
At everyones request, they wanted me to recreate one with me (just to see more pics lol) well here is the second one of me, open and close sounds is a clip from "Mass Appeal" by GangStar....chooser phone splash screen is me in another fitted...this theme also has dual backgrounds hit me up on myspace at or my tmail at, if u want a more direct approach hit up my yahoo at ghost_sk187
Size: 898 KB Date Added:
2007-01-16 14:01:19
Downloads: 55 Category:
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  • Currently 4.00/5

Rating: 4.0/5 (5 votes)
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Name: HBO "The Wire" Author: GhostSK187
This is a personal theme that I have made and was hesitant to share it becuase I made It basically for myself so I would stand out in a crowd. I havent seen any theme of "The Wire". Well here it is for all to download...another creation by me, GSK ...this features dual backgrounds, the splash screen is Dougnut" the boy who steals cars and the 2nd background is "Snoop" (not snoop dogg) the girl who kills people with "Chris" and work for "Marlo", if u watch the show on HBO you know what Im talking about, this theme also has open and close sounds which are 3 shotgun blasts from "Omars weapon" (sounds are direct audio for clearity) chooser splash screen are dice, i felt compelled to put them there after the episode where the teacher was teaching street corner logic with dice .....ATTENTION..... due to the high quality of requests be pateint and ill get around to all of you hit me up on myspace at or hit my tmail at
Size: 812 KB Date Added:
2007-01-16 11:44:42
Downloads: 789 Category:
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Name: Ghost SK Author: GhostSK187
Aiight the females been wanting to know what I look like so instead of makin a regular theme this one features me, Ghost SK aka GSK or just SK. This has no open or close sounds but features dual backgrounds for folders and a chooser splash screen of me in a fitted... you can hit me up on myspace at or hit my tmail at
Size: 98 KB Date Added:
2007-01-16 01:34:34
Downloads: 47 Category:
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  • Currently 3.00/5

Rating: 3.0/5 (2 votes)
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Name: Are You Afraid of The Dark? Author: GhostSK187
Based on the tv show on Nickelodeon when I was growin up. Are you afraid of the dark theme comes with dual backgrounds (the logo) and chosser splash screen is the clown from "the tale of the Ghastly Grinner" episode. Features open and close sounds which are from the opening of the show. Want somthin made? well hit me on the kick
Size: 1045 KB Date Added:
2007-01-13 15:17:48
Downloads: 632 Category:
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Name: Kriss Kross Author: GhostSK187
Who would have ever thought or even cared to remember a past-time like Kriss Kross? Well now it's here. Complete with background, folder background and open and close hinge sounds. Open is "Jump" and close is "Warm it up". I also do custom requests so just hit me up at, or text my Sidekick 3 for a more direct transaction at (609) 721-2625
Size: 2018 KB Date Added:
2006-12-02 14:16:19
Downloads: 977 Category:
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